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In 2007, Windy Lo established "Bridal Signature" in Hong Kong. Bridal Signature is devoted to creating simple elegant wedding gowns for brides with our philosophy - Less Is More. Windy Lo is an award-winning bridal fashion designer who has  won many accolades in her career, including 1st place in the "MY DREAM GOWN" competition by the readers of the No.1 Wedding magazine in Hong Kong - WEDDING MESSAGE. Her unique designs have influenced bridal trends across Asia and the world.

Windy's bridal and couture are steeped in classic, simple silhouettes with lace-work and details that are intricate, elegant, and really one of a kind. Her process begins with an inspiration that is hand-sketched, working through ideas to form a concept piece. This is brought slowly to life through iterations of fabric selection, lace-work and dress-making by hand and years of experience. Once a design is completed, she works with only the best dress makers in Hong Kong to craft that dress into limited run pieces that are brought to an exclusive audience in Hong Kong and now in Singapore.

The simplicity of her designs make them timeless and elegant. The details of her work elevate the dresses to the ethereal and make them truly one of a kind. The selection and fitting experience is a personal, bespoke process, personally attended to by the designer herself. Windy's dresses are available for purchase and rental.


For those who want a truly exceptional, one-of-a-kind dress, Windy is available to discuss bespoke commissions.

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